Sara Dominguez

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15 Assendelftstraat, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland 2512 VS, NL
15 Assendelftstraat Den Haag Zuid-Holland 2512 VS NL

Dear families,

Feeling a calling for working with children, I have dedicated my studies and professional experience to the well-being of children and their families. I am a child psychologist, with a PhD in child development and parent-child relations in the first 3 years of life.

Experience taught me that the early interactions, between the baby and its parents in the first months of life, are the foundation for the infant’s later social and cognitive development. But experience also taught me that if the mother is not feeling well (physically and mentally) she can not be available for her baby. I realized the importance of social support during the postnatal period in the mother’s well-being. I understood that you have to mother the mother so she can mother her baby. It became clear to me that proposing support in the immediate postnatal period is a meaningful help that I can give to new mothers. And this help can go a long way in their general well-being and their relationship with their infant.

I am here to help you, your partner and your baby in the first weeks after birth. My aim is to help you rest, let your body heal, get settled into the new rhythm a newborn imposes and into your new role as a mother.

Our work together can be done in different languages (French, English, Spanish).

Postnatal Support Helper, Other
Household duties, Grocery shopping, Postnatal food preparation, Massage, Babysitting, Belly binding support