Our work is deeply rooted in the kundalini yoga teachings from Yogi Bhajan. He re-introduced the concept and support techniques of the Ayurvedic ‘Sacred window’ in the community that started in the late 1970’s in the US and later Europe. Our organizations initiators Satya Kaur and Gurujagat Kaur where part of the first group of students who received and gave help during the first weeks after labor. Many years and study on women health later, they joined their ideas to initiate this network.

Our principle of holistic, non-medical support for mothers is not exclusively from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. Many traditions include a form of exclusion from daily activities with community support during the first week after birth. Our knowledge of healing foods, conscious attitude and communication and other healing techniques is inspired by other of spiritual teachings, thinkers, birth professionals and mostly by mothers. We acknowledge other traditions and are thankful for their initiative. We trust this will inspire a bigger movement towards happy mothers, fathers, children and society.

More info in this post on our background