Denise van Eeden

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191HS Van Hogendorpstraat, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1051 BZ, NL
191HS Van Hogendorpstraat Amsterdam Noord-Holland 1051 BZ NL

I’ve always been passionate and fascinated by pregnancy and birth. Already from a young age I wanted to know everything about it, and where others quickly change TV-channels when a program about birth is on show, I dive into it. I read books and love to hear about others birth stories.
I wanted to do something with this passion and started the JJ Doula Training in 2014. It turned out to fit me like a glove and I can truly say I have the best job in the world now as a doula.

Because I like working as a doula so much I wanted to contribute to the doula community and took a position in the board of the Dutch Doula Association (NBvD). Next to this I also follow different kind of courses and trainings to broaden my knowledge about pregnancy and birth and to fulfill my urge to life-long-learning. In the past years I for example did a Rebozo workshop, Thai massage workshop, Spinning Babies and a NLP Practitioner training. Recently I also took part in the postnatal helper training, so I’m able to support families after birth as well now.

The lovely people that are close to me describe me as down to earth, caring and calm. They feel comfortable being around me and call me sociable and gregarious. I really love to be surrounded by people and like to cook, bake, dance and travel the world.

I’m always interested in getting to know people and I feel honored if they open up to me and let me in. It’s so special that people invite you to be part of one of the most intimate and memorable moments of their lives. To help them and support them to make this special moment even more precious and make it a moment they can think back to with positive feelings and truly enjoy, for the rest of their lives.

Household duties, Grocery shopping, Postnatal food preparation, closing rituals and other healing techniques, Massage, Breastfeeding support, Belly binding support, Other