DoulaNita , Avtar Padmani Kaur/Anita Wolsink-Versnel

4 Valtherblokken-Zuid, Valthermond, Drenthe 7876 TB, NL
4 Valtherblokken-Zuid Valthermond Drenthe 7876 TB NL

Welcome at DoulaNita,


In this special period of your life,only the best is good enough!

As a trained Maternity nurse and Doula, I will be at your site!
Personal attention, support, empathy, calmness and confidence are marks of my guidance.
I support you during your pregnancy , birth and also after that,through personal contact and advice.

During pregnancy and birth, you learn to expand your limits and get the most confidence in your own abilities. 
You will gain insight into the physical processes you go true and learns for instance that being anxious, makes you hold on to pain. By gaining knowledge you are more aware and less anxious.
Less anxiety is less pain.
Giving birth is like TOPsport!
Preparation for birth is not something you don’t want to be a “coincidence” …
As a qualified maternity nurse I will guide you through out the whole birthing process ,I will not leave you on your own !
I respect your wishes and your individuality and contribute from the purity of my profession and my being.

After birth I would like to comfort you for a postnatal period of 40 day’s. Or any amount of ours that you chooses.

I will take care that you can bond with your baby and that no other issues disturb that contact. No worry’s about other kids in your family, your household, dinners what so ever! They are taken care of!

If you like to get to know me, please send me a message. I’m available in the Netherlands and abroad.

Hope to see you !

Warm regards,

Avtar Padmani Kaur/ Anita Wolsink-Versnel

Postnatal Support Helper, Other
Household duties, Postnatal food preparation, Massage, Babysitting, Breastfeeding support, Other