Essence of selfless service

To understand the nature of support from an eastern perspective, you have to understand the word ‘seva’. Seva means selfless service and is performed without any expectation of result or reward from the person performing it. You accept to give and demonstrate willingness to work hard for it. A western view on helping new mothers during their 40-day rest and bonding time is based on solidarity. Your motivation should be to support and uplift a healthy and peaceful start of this new life.

Qualities of a good helper :

  • Willingness to perform devotional work
  • Physical resistance
  • Emotional stability
  • Availability

Lifting someone else out of their difficulties, inspiring them, making them smile, giving them hope, cooking them a meal or listening to them is a noble cause. Even if you don’t think of yourself while you offer selfless service to another, you too will feel gratified and comforted. Watching them feel better will make you feel better. So, go out there. Serve someone, anyone.

                                                                                                                  – Yogi Bhajan