We checked with a few newborn mothers to compile a list of essential items for the new mother. Of course, this list will be very personal and depend on each unique situation, but we share with you some basics that would make your post-partum time more peaceful and fluid. The most essential “item” remains rest – prepare in a way that you will be able to take all the time you need to rest, rest, rest next to your baby, in a warm, calm and soothing environment.

Essential Items
  • Nursing pads (reusable from pure cotton or disposable);
  • Silver nursing cups or breastfeeding shells;
  • Fresh ginger (PSN Vice Secretary Gita Saraswati shared her hands-on recipe in case of a blocked milk ducts: she places a towel soaked in grated ginger and warm water to alleviate swelling and encourage flow);
  • Green clay (to alleviate swollen breasts, make a pad with liquid clay and place on the breast avoiding nipple area and never putting the clay directly on the skin);
  • Breastfeeding pillow / Bolster;
  • Towels (from small to medium size);
  • Elastic disposal panties;
  • Large maternity pads;
  • Home-made pads to deal with swollen perineum: Before birth, soak large menstrual pads in an infusion of calendula/thyme/rosemary/sage and freeze them. If allergic or hesitant about herbs, pads can be frozen after dipping in water alone. To keep it hygienic in the freezer, wrap each pad in clean plastic.;
  • Teas to stay hydrated, stimulate milk production and strengthen digestion: fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, caraway and shatavari;
  • Herbs and plants for bath (calendula, camomile, rosemary, thyme);
  • Rebozo / Postnatal belt / long cloth tissue to bind belly and hips;
  • Sesame / sweet almond oil for self-massage;
  • Mother tincture of calendula (to disinfect).