Hearts full of joy, we introduce a new rubric to our newsletter and blog: postpARTum! Here the Postnatal Support Network invites artists to share their art inspired by the idea of Mothering the Newborn Mother and the universe of postpartum experiences.

Today we feature Hirdai Nām Kaur and her beautiful Mandala.

Hirdai Nām Kaur shared with us:

“Above all, I wanted to support in my own way all the work done by the PNS. I am deeply convinced that the world today needs more than ever to take care of mothers and to honour the feminine.

It is a long work and path of consciousness to be developed and transmitted. This mandala is an invitation to this and also a way of giving thanks for all that has already been accomplished. My intention was to honour the divine feminine energy, that cares, nourishes, prays and support and the nutritive one, the grace beyond all grace, the strength through softness and delicacy.

This mandala is figurative indeed, but I wanted something also evocative and symbolic. The hands in mudra around can evoke for example all the work that need to be done to support a mother during the post-natal period. In the middle – a lotus flower. One of the multiple symbols of it is, above all, the archetypal vulva, a pledge for the perpetuation of births and rebirths. It is the woman’s body that opens this door between the earthly and the spiritual. Through her, everything become possible.”

If postpARTum inspires you, please connect with us and share your ART. We look forward to hearing from you at info@postnatalsupportnetwork.com .