How to organize

Your postnatal support needs to be organised well in advance. If possible, it should be done around the 33rd week / seventh month of pregnancy. A rest and bonding period sounds ideal, beautiful and relevant but may feel unrealistic to make possible. To make it happen, mothers and fathers need to be able to ask for and accept help.

In our culture asking for help is not something that comes easy to most of us. We are more likely to give help than receive it. This is where the Postnatal Support Network promotes a change of attitude. By welcoming help you feel less isolated and get a deeper understanding of the power of community. You allow friends, family or neighbours to help and get involved in this very special time of your life.

What kind of support:

Involving close friends and relatives during this period is very natural and has been part of our culture in times past. However, in our busy lives or with family living far away, we need to look at different ways to organise help. There are three kinds of possible support :

  • A dedicated Postnatal helper can support you and your family for an agreed amount of time. This helper is trained via the Postnatal Support Network and will stay in-house or close to the family.
  • A part-time Postnatal helper who can give support for specific tasks for an agreed time in the week.
  • Co-ordination of a network helping with food preparation, shopping, playing with other children or cleaning. This can be organised by a friend or the new father.

We encourage new-parents/parents-to-be to assess personal needs (what does the helper need to do?), your situation (where do you live, can you offer accommodation?) and financial resources. Find a way to set up a system that suits your personal needs. The Postnatal Support Network is able to help and inform you and your support people.

Practical tips for organizing your 40-day rest and bonding time :

  • In case you would like to ask your friend to prepare you a meal, you can use this online meal calender :
  • To find topics and questions to prepare your 40-day Postnatal rest & bonding time :
  • Contact your local Postnatal Support Network coordinator for more information :
  • Find a full-time Postnatal helper via our network :

5 tips for a happy and healthy postnatal period.


  1. Search for support via the Postnatal Support Network well ahead of the due date
    make a 40-day postnatal plan and invite your friends to take part in it.
  2. Let rest, healthy food and bonding with your baby be your priority.
  3.  Postpone visits until after the first month.
  4. Use a baby sling to wrap your belly and speed up healing.
  5. Seek a local circle of wise women, mamas, doulas or holistic professionals to ask for help and advice.