Network Meeting Amsterdam

One of the ways to introduce our work is to organise Postnatal Support Network meetings. Last February we held a network meeting in Amsterdam, with 15 interested birth workers, doula’s, mothers, postnatal nurses to share and inspire each other. Our Dutch community is very active and growing in supporters and we took the opportunity to share the insights of the postnatal experience from all these birth workers.

Apart from an introducing in our work by the founders Gurujagat Kaur and Satya Kaur, we took the ideas, experiences and insights of the first 6 postpartum weeks as starting point for an research “Who is Mothering the Mother”, an Experience based Research on the 6 weeks of postpartum care. This qualitative research will look closely at the 6 week postpartum experience from all the stakeholders involved. Insights, question and assumptions from Mother, Father, Social Network and Midwifes, Nurses, Hospitals and even Insurances will need to be captions.

In the next few months we will try to look for funding with a first summary of this research, striking insights and what are the next steps. The funding is needed to deepen the research with interviews with the stakeholders, and mapping the experience flow of all the stakeholders. 
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