Closing the Bones Training with Japjeet Kaur

Would you like to learn how to offer the beautiful Closing the Bones ceremony, aka ‘cerrada’, or just ‘closing ceremony’ (transmitted from the lineages of both Ecuadorian midwife & shaman Rocío Alarcón and Mexican midwife Naoli Vinaver), which is intended primarily to support women in the postpartum period or after pregnancy or baby loss (but is also invaluable in so many different situations that are listed in the training folder and that will also receive attention in the training)?

Japjeet Kaur and Puran offer the opportunity to do so in a very special (certified training-)week spent in sisterhood in a magical location right at the edge of the ocean and with the most wonderful vegan & gluten-free food…

Join us on the Isle of Portland (Dorset Jurassic Coast) in South-England from Monday 27 June (3pm start) until Sunday 3 July 2022 (finishing after lunch) in a training location overlooking the ocean and just a mere 10mins walk from it! This week consists of min. 35 hours of teaching, practice & ceremony divided over 2 full days and 5 days with around 5 contact hours, to allow us to move at a relaxed pace with enough free time to enjoy and explore this gorgeous island and integrate everything that might come up during this training week.

Our first edition of this week in May 2022 was nothing short of magical, and we feel incredibly privileged to offer this opportunity one last time. We are offering £50 off (£650 instead of £700, which includes all teaching fees, the manual, 1 scrumptious meal each day, complimentary yoga class and gong bath, …) for these last registration days to help with the risen cost of living.

The accompanying folder contains all details on this week.

More information about the workshops offered by Japjeet Kaur you can find here