As the year comes to an end, it is the right time to look back and reflect…
We are happy and proud to announce that this year we have been able to train 57 helpers in Austria, France and The Netherlands.
For the upcoming trainings in 2020 our calendar is up at : 
Gratefully, we would like to welcome our new coordinators:  
Mónica Santos (Portugal)
Pernielle Aurore Rønnow (Denmark)
Amina Merabet (Spain) 
Local engagement is the most important foundation that helps to create a stable and efficient network which can then organize support for mothers everywhere. Therefore, we are looking for people, who would like to get involved as a coordinator. You can start locally and make use of the network you already have. For more information about this valuable and fulfilling work, please check out the new video, made by our International Coordinator Agnieszka Bera:
This video was filmed at the big European Yoga Festival in France this July. As every year Postnatal Support Network was present with our founders Gurujagat Kaur and Satya Kaur as well as the board members in our booth, which was organized and decorated by our French coordinator and Secretary Elsa Martineau. Participating in this event always rekindles our energy to spread the message of the importance of good support and care in the postnatal period.

A Training day organized by Charan Kamal, (our International and Dutch coordinator) in October 2019 in Den Bosch, Netherlands offered a wonderful opportunity to share experiences and peer support amongst helpers. 16 participants, who came from all over the Netherlands also gained new insights in the birthing of a mother through an inspiring professional lecture held by Berteld Kok, Chair Member of the Dutch Midwifery Association.  

Charan Kamal also gave a lecture at the International Women’s Club in Eindhoven about the goals and the work of the Postnatal Support Network. We want to thank the IWCE again for their valuable support and donation of 500 EUR.

This event also led to some interest in contributions to our website.

The new website is now live since September, making it easier for us to administrate our memberships safely and offer our followers new content. Filling the different sections with life and making the site to a virtual meeting point for families, looking for postnatal care as well as for volunteers and postnatal professionals is an important goal for 2020. Thanks to our webmaster Prabhjot Kaur from Loudframe, contributing to our website will be easy and pleasurable. So if you would like to help us by writing on postnatal care subject or taking over an administrative task, please get in touch via

Last but not least a few personal remarks:

Most of you probably have seen that we are looking for a new director 
and some of you might have wondered why we are advertising this position again so soon. When I started out as the director last year my main goal was to make more people enthusiastic about the idea of a 40 day resting and bonding period for every new mother and the importance of postnatal support.
My international network and my own enthusiasm helped me to work on this goal, and I am content with what I have achieved so far. But during the last year I realized that my calling is caring and teaching and my strength lies there rather than in organizing and administrating.
It was not an easy decision but after deliberating thoroughly on it I decided to resign from my position as a director to make space for a person to whom these qualities come more naturally or/and who is more experienced and finds more fulfillment in the administrative field.  
I had the chance to learn a lot in the past months and I would like to thank everybody who helped and accompanied me.
All the best for all of you, peaceful holidays and a happy, healthy and inspiring 2020.

Warm Regards,

Wiebke Mechau  Director