“The 40 Days – postnatal rest and bonding time for the new mother during the first 40 days after birth – is recognized as a universal human right for every mother and becomes integrated into collective consciousness.

We envision mothers birthing humanity with dignity and receiving full support for at least 40 days after birth. We see postnatal support as becoming an integral part of our society, national and international policies. We are therefore calling upon the responsibilities of local, national and international authorities and decision makers.

We see vulnerability in the postnatal period as a strength and an opportunity for homeostasis. In order to change the paradigm, we need to redefine our understanding of vulnerability. We honour and celebrate the special statue of becoming a mother. Family that needs time to readjust to the new configuration. Just like the pelvis needs to be stabilized again after birth, so do all family relations needs to be nurtured.

Every member of society needs to understand that this important and delicate time establishes patterns that will affect the individual, families and communities for decades. Every mother deserves to be mothered by local help or trained support during a period of 4 to 6 weeks after birth. Asking for and accepting help is key to this understanding.” (detail from the Statement Draft.)

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