About the Postnatal rEvolution Summit

Being born and giving birth are two of the most impactful events in human life. We all understand that investing in this delicate and important start is necessary to ensure a healthy adulthood and vital communities and societies.

However, we are facing a decreasing availability of healthcare professionals, social networks, and resources all over Europe. While postpartum health issues are increasing. We need to reflect on the current status and put in motion a new script for the future and quality of postpartum health. How can we as individuals and as society support the physical, physiological and emotional wellbeing of new mothers that reflect the fundamental needs for a vital society?

After all, it takes a village to raise a child!

Expert Talks * Dialogue Forum * Live Event

The Postnatal rEvolution Summit will initiate an important dialogue with policy makers, academics, midwives,  maternity nurses, doulas and psychologists. In the series of lectures, a dialogue forum and a live day, the participants will be actively engaged to create a collective postpartum action plan. We  give meaning and priority to postpartum health and wellbeing for all families during the first six weeks of their new life.

During this Summit, we ask engagement for dialogue on:

  • What lessons can we learn from history?
  • What is the realistic situation in postpartum health in Europe?
  • What are the needs of todays’ parents on physical, practical, emotional and social level?
  • What are the differences and similarities between current care versus desired postpartum care?
  • How can informal care contribute to the support of new families?
  • What can we do to invest in a healthier society?

Expert Talks

November – December 2024

To ignite the dialogue, the Postnatal rEvolution Summit starts with a series of five online Expert Talks given by international renowned speakers. These talks will spark the dialogue forum and will be recorded to watch at your convenient time. We are in the final stage of finalizing the speakers and time of the lecture.

Tuesday 26th of November 2024
Historical perspective
Presenter: Canadian researcher and writer Ingrid Bayot. She is French speaking and will be simultaneously translated.

Thursday 28th of November 2024
Midwifery in postpartum
Speaker tbc

Tuesday 3rd of December 2024
Current postpartum mental health situation
Presenter: Noémie Faure-Nguyen, perinatal psychologist and researcher at the Univerity Hospital in Lausanne – Switzerland

Thursday 5th of December 2024
The village is the way forward
Speaker tbc

Tuesday 10th of December 2024
What is good PP practice.
Presenter: Founder of Postnatal Support Network

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Dialogue Forum

January 2025

Extracting from the expert talks inspirations, the dialogue is instrumental to listen and share your ideas. The dialogue forum is set up online in three language groups (ENG, SP and FR) and are facilitated by members of the committee and with an interactive dialogue tool.

Any participant can also or instead create their local in-person Dialogue Forum using the same tool with clear instructions on how to facilitate.

Result of this Forum discussion is a collection of ideas and actions that will be the core of Postnatal Action Plan developed during the Live Event.

Live Event 

1st of February 2025

The Live Event of the Postnatal rEvolution Summit will bring the inspiration from the Expert Talks and ideas of the Dialogue Forum together in this in-person event in Eindhoven on the 1st of February.

Franka Cadée, Maternity Foundation Director and expert in Midwifery and Sexual and Reproduction Health is guiding us through the work that was prepared for this inspiring day. With panel talks and working groups, participants will actively take part in creating the postnatal Action Plan that will nurture and improve postpartum health and wellbeing for all new mothers and their families.

Who we are

We are a motivated group of European non-profit organisations active as integral birth professionals. We dedicate our expertise and time to contribute on the positive birth and postpartum experience and empowerment of mothers.

This Summit brings together our shared vision to facilitate a dialogue between the different organizations involved in postpartum care and its social relevance to the wellbeing of our society.

In the past 9 months, we have gathered input from various experts in the birth care chain. Through interviews and targeted questions, we have defined some relevant topics and methods for dialogue. Amongst others, we have asked the following experts for advice:

  • Eric Steegers – Gynaecologist Erasmus University – Social Midwifery
  • Hanneke Torij – Lector Midwivery Hogeschool Rotterdam
  • Kathy Herschderfer – Consultant Reproductive Health, TNO research
  • Robin Warmenhoven – Policy Advisor BOgeboortezorg
  • Franka Cadée – Maternity Foundation Director Global Initiatives
  • Soo Downe- Professor of Midwifery Studies, UK
  • Katja van Groesen – Centring Care
  • Elizabeth Duff – Policy Advisor National Childbirth Trust, UK