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We are publishing our quarterly newsletter a few days earlier than usual in order to extend to YOU our most heart-felt invitation to the Postnatal Summit which inaugurates exactly in 1 week, on March 18th, at 18h CET. Claim your spot here!

In this Newsletter, find the full program of
the Summit and read about each speaker connecting LIVE from Greece, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, the US, France, Bali and Brazil!

Join in the discussion of what vulnerability means.

In the rubric postpARTum we introduce the sculptures of Alanah, Australian artist, creator of Moon Birth Sculptures.

Check our our Annual Report 2021 and learn about upcoming postnatal doula trainings.

Spring Equinox blessings and
wishes for joy, love and tenderness
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May new energies emerge!


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Our hearts go out with all mothers and birth workers in war zones – in Ukraine, on the road fleeing the terror of war, in Russia suffering repression, in the many other parts of the world where conflict is raging.
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Everybody is vulnerable. When we are pregnant, we think we are vulnerable. Then we give birth… and start understanding what vulnerability really is.

Right now, collectively, we are leaving behind two years of a level of vulnerability that most of us, in the Western world, have never experienced. And, just as we begin to see the light at the end of this tunnel of trauma, we are plunged again into another terrible global crisis. Once again, we are all face to face with Vulnerability.

At PSN, we are grateful to have chosen exactly THIS topic for our Postnatal Summit 2022. But we recognize that it makes people feel uncomfortable.

We want to offer this summit as a possibility to meet each other in our vulnerability, to care for each other as we navigate vulnerability itself and the by-products of vulnerability, and to address how our collective trauma relates on a personal level in the postnatal period but not only.


Read more about Alanah and her work here


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The photograph is from our last Postnatal Doula Training online, which took place over 7 weeks in September – October 2021

To share ancient and more contemporary knowledge and insights on the 40 days post-partum recovery time, our network is organizing trainings in Europe and Latin America. Embracing the new realities and in order to offer these precious tools to anyone worldwide, we have also created an online version of our training. We now offer three “formulas”: in-person training, hybrid version and completely online training.

The trainings are accessible to all people who are interested in supporting mothers and families after birth. Men and women are both invited to take part in our training courses.

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