In 2020, the Postnatal Support Network initiated a five-year Research Project on the postnatal period with the mission to unearth scientific evidence and gather our own data on the subject. Our goal is to raise awareness and take the next step – demand social and political change in order to support young families with concrete measures. This project is made possible by the generous support of the Yogi Tea Foundation and countless hours of work by our team and volunteers.

    Our Short term goals:

    • Channelling the momentum gathered during the Postnatal Research Summits 2021 and 2022 into lasting contributions in the sphere of postnatal care in terms of awareness, empowerment and concrete social and political change.
    • The publishing of a book which will allow for the spreading of PSN’s fundamental message that newborn mothers need to rest and be taken care of. It will provide concrete evidence why a complete puerperium with support needs to be part of work processes and protocols.
    • The ethnographic research will contribute to the research goals of the WHO which is investigating mothers’ postnatal experiences in order to draft new guidelines for the postpartum period. The Research Project is in line with the international 1000 Days Project . Our work can literally have world-wide reach.
    • Gathering video and audio testimonies to share with our networks will bring home the idea that a well-prepared postnatal period is a basic need now, in our modern world, and even more acutely important in the (post) pandemic we are living in.
    • The two follow-up editions of the Postnatal Research Summit will continue the work initiated and bring it to the next level of demanding political and social change.

    Our Long Term Goals:

    • To contribute significantly towards making the concept of the 40-day resting and bonding period every new mother’s common knowledge. Our work will be one of the reasons why the importance of support in the post-partum period becomes widely accepted, and providing this support shall be a matter of urgency for the whole society.  
    • Every mother has the opportunity to rest and be mothered during her immediate postnatal period.
    • Postnatal support becomes a household name.
    • Postnatal support is recognized as a basic human need.
    • Postnatal support is an integral part of national and international policies.
    • Postnatal support is reimbursed by health insurance.
    • Mothers birth humanity with dignity and receive full support after birth.
    • Dedicated coordinators all over the world raise awareness about postnatal support, organize meetings, seminars and trainings, and coordinate support.

    100 Postnatal Testimonies Project

    This project is the core of our ethnographic research. It aims to gather testimonies of postnatal experiences by all members of the family constellation and in different contexts and countries. The Postnatal Testimonies will be the central axis of our 40 DAYS campaign on raising awareness on the importance of rest and support for newborn mothers and will be included in our efforts to demand social and political change (women’s rights, paternal leave, health insurance covering postnatal care).

    If you want to tell your postnatal experience, please contact us at We will schedule an interview at a convenient for you time.

    We are holding live and online interviews, and have also created an online questionnaire.  You can also fill in the online questionnaire.


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    The Postnatal Support Network (PSN) addresses the importance of a well-prepared and relaxing 40 day postnatal period. It is an international organisation with a non-medical and social network, informing families and especially mothers about this special and delicate time after birth.