Awareness about the importance of postnatal care is rising, and so is the demand for trained professionals. To respond to this need, we have been offering Postnatal Doulas Trainings since 2015. Please click here to check our training calendar.


    WHO is this training for?

    The training is for everyone who is inspired to support new mothers or would like to know more about the postnatal 40-day resting period. We welcome professional birth workers (midwives, doulas, pregnancy yoga teachers) who would like to expand on their expertise, as well as people who are ready to initiate a new professional path dedicated to the universe of birth.


    Recent studies have shown that up to 35% of women experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after birth. Stress in the first few weeks after the baby’s arrival contributes to breastfeeding difficulties, slow healing of the uterus, problems in establishing the relationship between mother and child, and the experience of post-partum depression. In addition, today, more than 50% of couples separate in the first year after the arrival of a child. Having access to help allows them to take advantage and discover themselves as a “parent couple”. Being supported by a postnatal doula allows time for introspection to be able to integrate the profound changes brought by parenthood, or to find help if needed.

    Postnatal Support: WHAT is that?

    It is about providing immediate post-partum support to a woman, her baby and her family. This support will allow the mother a healing space and an indispensable time to adjust to the new family constellation on a physical, emotional and psychological level.

    It is offering a caring presence and nonmedical support such as closing of the bones, massage and logistical support.

    This is listening from a non-judgmental space to allow the newborn mother, if she wishes, to settle down and express her maternity experience in complete safety.

    A social network of friends and family members can also be organized with a coordinator to cover all the necessary tasks: cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry, support for other children in the family, massage, emotional presence.

    The partner is often willing to take time off to be present and active at home, to help the newborn mother and child. However, after about ten days, s/he has to go back to work, and the mother is quickly overwhelmed. Moreover, even if present, the partner can also benefit from postnatal support, in order to be more available to support the mother and connect with their newborn.


    This training is both an experiential workshop of the basics and tools of the postnatal doula to start applying them. We will discover together the different stages a woman and her newborn go through. We will explore the emotional phases that the mother, her child and her family experience. You will be introduced to the different practical and non-medical tools that can be put in place for the families being accompanied. Each participant will leave with concrete theoretical and practical knowledge to extend the practice in his or her daily and professional life. The training brings an understanding of the Fourth Trimester and the importance of being at the service of the family in their personal environment. Finally, it brings an understanding of the importance of networking.

    At the end of the training, you will be able:

    ● To provide immediate postpartum support to a woman, her baby and her family;
    ● To provide a space for physical, emotional and psychological healing;
    ● To provide non-medical care, such as closing of the bones, pelvic and perineum care, massage, yoni steam, belly binding, ceremonies, and cooking appropriate meals;
    ● To accompany the young mother by active listening and non-judgment of her
    ● To organize a local social network to cover all the necessary daily tasks.

     List of upcoming trainings:

      Janurary- February – March 2024,  Location:Vught, Netherlands, language: Dutch, Ingrid Bal via 
      ONLINE on Zoom & Sutra,
      25 February, 3, 10, 17 and 24 March, 2024
      10 am-1 pm CEST, Beant Devi Kaur

    The Postnatal Support Network organises Helpers training all over Europe. This training gives both ancient and contemporary knowledge and practical techniques on the 40-day recovery time.

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    The Postnatal Support Network (PSN) addresses the importance of a well-prepared and relaxing 40 day postnatal period. It is an international organisation with a non-medical and social network, informing families and especially mothers about this special and delicate time after birth.