What kind of help

There are many ways to support a family in their ‘4th trimester’, or the 6 postnatal weeks.

  • A dedicated Postnatal helper can support you and your family for an agreed amount of time. This helper is trained via the Postnatal Support Network and will stay in-house or close to the family.
  • A part-time Postnatal helper is someone who can give support for specific tasks for an agreed time in the week.
  • Coordinating a network which can help with food preparation, shopping, playing with other children or cleaning can be organised by a friend or the new father.

The support care range many different takes, depending on the needs and requirements from the family. It can include :

  • Household duties and grocery shopping
  • Food preparation with knowledge of Postnatal nutrition.
  • Breastfeeding support.
  • Babysitting other children in the family.
  • Massage – cummerbund.
  • Closing belly ritual.

A system such as Mealtrain can help setting up a food service provided by friends. Our network can help you find a Postnatal helper or doula who can assist the family in a more dedicated way.