About Postnatal Support Network

The Postnatal Support Network (PSN) addresses the importance of a well-prepared and relaxing 40-day postnatal period. It is an international organisation with a non-medical and social network, informing families-to-be about this special and delicate time after birth. PSN coordinates the demand and response of trained support. It provides training for those interested in becoming post natal ‘helpers’ – carers who can give holistic support during the postnatal period. The network also functions as a platform for sharing personal birth stories. Our network does not replace the need and care for professional medical psychological help.

Our work is based on three pillars:

  • Raising awareness within families about the relevance and impact of 40 days rest and bonding for mother, baby, families and societies.
  • Raising awareness of potential PN sevadars about the essence and relevance of selfless service.
  • Raising awareness of birth professionals about the necessity and impact of help during the 40 days; the need to prepare families for well organised 40 days PN period suiting their personal needs.
  • Providing families information and practical tools to organise their 40 day PN time tailored to their personal needs.
  • Set up extensive international training program for PN sevadars amongst 3HO family and beyond. The training gives theoretical and practical knowledge of why and how to serve the mother and family.
  • Creating communication platforms with national PSN coordinators networking with (local) birth professionals and sharing Knowledge and information.

Providing a platform for the offering & requests for support between families and PSN sevadars via a web based service. The website will have an online tool with rich sources of information, guidelines, a forum and extra training for the sevadar.

Postnatal Support Network is partly made possible by the Yogi Tea Foundation.